Monday, January 5, 2009

Night Time Sledding

Tonight we had a lot to do... work I brought home from Pebbles, homework, grocery shopping and my right butt cheek still has a pinched nerve from the last time we went. But when the snow storm hit today those things quickly flew out the window and we went sledding behind the Suburban. How do you turn down 10" of freshly fallen fluffy snow and stay inside? Tonight was a gift from God. Heads up: For those concerned with our safety we keep the tail gate down and keep a good eye on the sleds :)

Now it's 11pm and we are all happily recovering... Abby is up doing her book report, rather crabbily I must say. Kelsie still doesn't feel that great and is lightly snoring on the family room couch. Lindsey is studying for her final MA license exam and is sitting by the fire trying to get warm. I am snuggling under a blanket and am too pooped to make hot cocoa. I believe tomorrow night will be a do-again.

Click here for photos


Becky said...

You are the best sport of a mother! You are something else.. From tubing down the frigid Provo River to sledding in a white snow storm... I admire you so much (and Larry). You are crazy sis! I hope you treat yourself to warm bath and hot cocoa.

HBC said...

You guys have so much fun! I love reading about all your life moments. Your love for the snow is the best part! :)

Birrell Family said...

Very unattractive pictures huh? I wish you were all here to play with. Boy I miss you. I still am in my after holiday funk, but doing my best to work through it. Our display for CHA Anaheim has to ship out in 2 weeks... ugh!