Friday, January 23, 2009

Landing in Anaheim

Larry & Paul took us to the airport in plenty of time. Boy there was a lot of fog! I am always amazed how we can be in snowy Utah and then in a couple of hours be in California with Palm Trees. We think the Pilot had to pee because we have never taxied to the gate so fast, catching air as went over the bumps, before coming to a screetching halt. The airport shuttle van man drove us 25-30 miles over the speed limit and we were at our Hotel before we blinked 3 times. We all looked at each other, no words came out of our mouths.

I am the first to admit, I just don't like airplanes. The first thing I do, by habit, is to check out the people I may die with. Then I check out the plaid shirt men to see if they all look nice (they always do). Then while I sit there I play a little airport movie in my head and pick out the passengers to play the part... The villaines, the hero, the whiny woman that won't shut up, the whimpy man that cannot step forward and the one that gives his life so others may live... I must be bored. I spend the remaining time thinking about breathing in the recycled air of sick people on the plane.

We went through security. Since I had "a bulkie" hoodie on (their words), I needed to be padded down. I was wondering how they could tell if it was my sweat jacket or me that was bulky. I sucked in anyway.
- Brenda

Kristia, Bonnie, Josh, Ashlee, Lindsay & me with the fingers

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Becky said...

I love being able to see you through blogging and hearing all about your trip....keeps us connected. Be safe and I'm praying for you all.