Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hello Pit Stains

AKA sweat tacos. For some reason the girls think it sounds more feminine? I feel like I've been born again... at least in the exercise kind of way. I think I am finally figuring out what works for me. I put my favorite songs on my Ipod and got on the elliptical. Nothing clears a mind like good music and I loved it... not sure why I have never tried it before. 3o minutes this morning and then Lindsey wanted to work out this afternoon. She on the treadmill and I on the elliptical for another 30 minutes... going head to head with her was good. Five miles today and it felt good. I kicked my own trash! Of course my trash was easy to kick, but hopefully it will get lighter too :)
After working out I told my family that those happy endomorphins are just popping out. They quickly snickered and corrected me... endorphins mom! Kelsie suggested that I never exercise again... my happy endoporphins got on her nerves.
When I called my sister Becky today to suggest a climb on Timp, she sweetly said, 'How about we start with Stuart Falls first'. She knows me well. But I am armed and dangerous with my new willpower at this moment.. I will reach my goal and go skinny dipping in a lake at midnight. Any takers?
One of my goals this summer? Climb Timp at night time...


Becky said...

I don't think I've heard the boys use the term "sweat tacos"... So you exercised enough to make you sweat like an athlete.
What is this, day one? You have to start somewhere. How many days a week will you be exercising and I'll match you here. We'll be long distance exercising sisters! Loved the picture of Timp. She's beautiful in every season. I'll climb her with you.

Birrell Family said...

Hey Becky
Pit stains are pit stains whatever people end up calling them :)
In order for me to make my goal, I am going to have to exercise 6 days a week. Between biking,elliptical and treadmill. I can't wait til the snow melts and I can go outside. Isn't it amazing what one day of those 'happy endomorphins' can do? My problem has always been balancing family & work and everything else... I never make time for just me. Maybe this summer I will be able to finally keep up with you walking? Wish me luck.. and push me along. Love you!

paul & ashlee said...

i am so proud of you mom! keep up the good work. i can't wait until the snow melts so i can go speed walking with you. we will have to work up to "becky strides" but i know we can do it. love you so much mom...