Friday, January 16, 2009

Last Crazy Day (For Now)

Crazy. I started my day this morning, eating my lunch that I didn't eat yesterday. I have 4 day old hair and didn't even pat it down. My notes are all over my arm... reminders of to do's I can't forget. We worked non stop and are wrapping things up... I believe I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... and I pray it is not a train! Sometimes it feels like it's the last minute details that take the longest to complete. Our designer material came in a slightly different color, much to Lindsay's horror. A little tea bath took the edge off and it looks good :) Bonnie & Kristia are working hard in sales, Larry & Josh stayed late figuring out a way to secure our sign to the display. Ash & I headed over to Lowe's tonight and picked up flooring & misc. hardware. Everyone at Pebbles Inc. has worked so hard to get it all ready. Last minute details to pack the crate up tomorrow morning and we are done. We fly out a week from tonight.

We got home late, but Ash & Paul had surprised us with a Stouffer's Lasagna in the oven (yes... they are still making room for beef in their freezer). We watched Signs & Psych and stayed up too late. It was nice being home together. I am grateful all of my girls are so willing to pitch in and fill in my holes at home this week... actually I always have holes, just not this many. Kelsie said that OHS played 'crappily' in their BB game tonight, I always think they do their best and everyone is a winner. The girls told me that there is a dead bird in the driveway. I was sad and asked where? 'Under your car Mom. It's been there all week'. I've been running over the dead, frozen bird all week. I feel thoughtless & disconnected this week in my extreme busyness getting ready for the show. I am probably going to go to bird hell and be pecked to death, deservedly so. My life is unbalanced. Ugh!


Becky said...

Brenda, Brenda, Brenda...All you have to do is breathe and pray. It's all going to work out. You have a great crew, your family and superman Josh! And as for the poor bird-you can redeem yourself by giving it a proper burial or did you throw it in the trash? which case bird hell is a high possibility!! :) :) Love you sis

Birrell Family said...

I backed over it again this morning on my way to the warehouse to pack the crates and didn't even give it a thought. It's bird hell for me that's for sure :(
I'll come home and bury it or put it in the freezer until spring when I can dig a hole.

Mackey Family said...

Man . . . I look good! I should wear a cape more often!

paul & ashlee said...

i know things are going to be okay. wonderful pictures...josh looks great in a cape, lindsay created beautiful fabrics (the tea bath really helped), and i love the flooring. i love spending time with you and know that i will come and visit you in bird you mom!