Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Dinner

Today was a good relaxing day... the house was filled with the smell of baby back ribs slowly cooking in the oven before we grilled them outside... Mmm! Kelsie was looking forward to sitting by Josh at church for the past 2.5 months and was happy as can be. I have to admit I really like this keep it simple idea for the holidays. It is amazing the amount of stress that just falls away... the often unneeded stress that I so willingly place on myself everyday of the year, but most especially during the holidays. Afterwards we played a game of Pictionary. The relationship between Josh & Lindsey has turned into quite the adversarial relationship that is fun to watch. He made it on her high list at dinner and she made it on his low. We are so happy to have Josh with us :) Are you wondering if Conrad ever wears clothes? Not if he doesn't have to!

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Becky said...

Family times are the best and you've got that down my sis. Isn't it neat how we grow wiser each year and value the things that are really important? You're right about Conrad, that little guy loves nakedness. And you Brenda... are keeping me busy commenting!!