Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fox & Geese with Paul

Fox & Geese always takes on a twist when we play with Paul. It might start off nice enough, but before long everyone is tackled and beaten up. When Paul is the fox, you can literally feel your hair stand on end as you scamper as fast as you can, knowing you don't have a chance against him... before you can blink an eye, you're toast! Soon the trail is no longer a viable course and then game on... snow ball fight! It just feels so darn good to escape and get outside whether it's up in the mountains or our own yard. We grab the time whenever we can.

Click here for photos


paul & ashlee said...

how you described paul being the fox it really how i feel. he is a little scary, and he gets that look in his eye. almost the same look you get when you go shooting...scary

Anonymous said...

Miranda told me about this. =) The pictures said it all! Thanks for letting Miranda play with your family. She loves you guys. btw, please tell Ashley she looks beautiful in the picture on the top right, just her in her hat. p.s. where's Josh & Kelsie?

Becky said...

I'd be screaming and running with the rest of ya...I'd be an easy catch! I love these pix of Ashlee. You are down right beautiful my girl...Bet Paul tackles you!! Absolutely love the hat.

Becky said...

And to answer the bookworms question... Kelsie and Josh are probably downstairs cuddling, whispering sweet nothings in one another's ears.... that better be all! Love you guys