Saturday, December 13, 2008

Science Project

Ugh! The dreaded science project is always due at the busiest time of the year. Abby's at the tail end for us. Through the years we have tested so many things:
How long flowers will live in different kinds of liquids (Kels)
Which detergents get socks the whitest (Linds & Katie)
What's the most common color of M&M (Ash)
Is it possible to stab a potato with a straw? (Ash)
Does different food coloring make sprite taste differently (Kels)
Which photo developer prints the best photos (Kels & Katie)

This year Abby is doing a taste test on three different foods. Potato chips, tomato soup and chocolate chip cookies. We all get to taste them to see if we can tell the difference between name-brand and off-brand. Lays potato chips and Campbell's soup were the clear winners and Keebler & Chips Ahoy cookies were neck & neck. Considering it's last minute, she and Austin (her cousin) were darn lucky to have been able to get most of it done during their Grandpa's Bday party. Austin did a Dr. Pepper / Mr Pibb taste test on the other side of the table.

We woke up to the beginnings of a snow storm as we left to our church family Christmas breakfast. We had a good time seeing everyone. I hardly like to eat, I would just rather visit :) Kelsie took the ACT again this morning and feels pretty good about it. That could mean she did pretty good or feels pretty good it's done. Either way, she seems less stressed now that it is over.


Becky said...

My science project was on the color wheel...I got an honorable mention ribbon. I wonder if everyone who participated got one??!! Good luck Abby. You are collecting data and using comparisons to get your scientific results...I give you an A!

The Hansens said...

Well i did find your blog and now i'm sure we will keep in touch. Sounds like you guys have had a fun busy weekend!

Jessica said...

I am dreading when my kids have to do those!! I am so not scientific or smart! I guess that is where matt comes in, however I think I might just have to write some of these ideas down!