Sunday, December 14, 2008

Game Night

My favorite time being home is when we turn off the TV and spend time together just talking or playing games. Tonight we talked about our favorite dinners to make for the holidays and the things we all want to do. Everyone voted to do fun things, keep things simple and hang out. We are an easy group to please :)

Last year it seemed like I was scrambling last minute with my list of to do's and thinking that once I got everything done, I could enjoy the holidays... only thing was, by then it was Christmas Eve. I missed out on the spirit of Christmas throughout the whole season. Most things that we think are so important, really are not. My advice to all of you? Lower your bar where you can, it feels good! This year, we are keeping things way simple and I have felt the spirit of the season along the way. It has been a good life lesson for me... shopping early most definitely helped too!


paul & ashlee said...

so far mom, that night has been one of my favorites this holiday season. i love how we are happy with a simple game! love you.

The Ashtons said...

That is all so fun and sooo true!

Becky said...

What game are you playing? Looks fun...You're right Ashlee. It doesn't take much to make us happy, just being together with family and friends.