Saturday, December 20, 2008

Neil Diamond

The Neil Diamond concert was last night in SLC. No one can possibly love him more than us! What can I say? He's the man! Ransom thinks he's a stallion! I think everyone who went to his concert went home to get lucky :) The roads were icy... the choice of drivers? Larry was pretty worried about both of us. Ransom is crazy and I am supposedly unable to give those in the car with me any confidence in my driving abilities. Ransom won out... but was it the best choice? We were driving in the snow storm in Salt Lake and somehow we ended up going against 5 lanes of one-way traffic on 500 south. We couldn't figure out why people couldn't stay in their lanes and were crowding us out. It was more funny than scary at the time. We didn't care... after all we were going to see Neil Diamond.

When he started singing, it was just natural to jump up and start screaming, dancing and singing along. We didn't stop. We knew every word. It was perfectly magical! I was so happy Ransom came with me. The lady in front of us gave us that look of 'I paid to hear Neil sing so shut up!' The people behind us probably wanted us to sit down. He was incredible. Ransom tried to get down on the floor in front of the stage, but was stopped by the security guard who thought Ransom was either drinking or was mentally 'gifted' when he told him that Neil was his friend. It was a no go and he had to return to his seat. It was fun to have Lindsey's friends Graham & Katie in the seats beside us.
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Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

AWESOME!! Haha, we love this post. We didn't know you were such big fans of Neil Diamond. Very cool.

LinnieBell said...

YOU MADE IT!!! I was sure you were going to say Larry drove you to the concert! Glad you made it safely, even if you were going the wrong way on a one-way street!!! :)


Jessica said...

Our family (the buttars that is) are all HUGE fans of neil diamond, I am so envious that you got to go!! We keep saying as a family we are going to go...even though Matt hates him...I think he'd love him if he saw him in concert!

Birrell Family said...

Only true lovers of Neil Diamond should go. Therefore it was only Ransom & I which made it truly magical!

Bark said...

We went to that concert too, despite the treacherous roads! Ask my mom about the trip up there sometime. And yes, Neil is definitely a stallion.

Becky said...

Anyone that loves Neil Diamond, well..we are bonded forever. I saw him once when I was a teenager. Yes, there is such a thing as love at first sight! Did you all see him on American Idol last spring? Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you guys got to go. Now about the driving...I ban both of you from the road!