Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Road Trip

Sometimes the road trip getting to our destination is more note worthy for us than getting to the actual location ... but then, sometimes it isn't. We are off to meet Larry's family at Disneyland. About an hour into the drive, most of us had drifted off to sleep as we listened to Lindsey's book on tape called Life of Pi. Then before we knew it, we were wide awake listening to a lot of descriptive animal killings, saying ugh in unison and thinking that the book was suddenly interesting... all about animals in a life boat devouring one another. Lindsey said she had been listening, but we knew she was sleeping. Everyone is getting along, so far so good. A couple of times it could have gone either way. Dinner at Ruby Tuesdays in St. George. Brenda 'It’s good to have dreams but it doesn’t mean they’ll come true'. Every five minutes of this trip so far, I am thinking I need a haircut. Kelsie hiding her flowers when we went over the CA border… "No one is going to take my flowers!" Acting out songs, sometimes we even have to sing them and still know one knows what they are. Paul is glad he brought ear plugs and is Larry's co-pilot. Playing the Alphabet game. Getting new hairstyles. Ashlee- 'I don't need integrity, I've been in the car too long.' Ashlee needs to get to Disneyland now, she needs to be happy. Brenda not knowing when to say when again. Ugh! Larry 'It's all fun and games until someone doesn't want to play anymore'.

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Becky said...

I love road trips and remember ours to California.... "It's all about us" your mom and I said together. What memories. Have fun. Love you