Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Night 2008

It was back in our pj's on Christmas night as we opened our presents to each other. It feels so good to get comfy at home and be together. Christmas has never been about the presents, it's about being together. Each year we pick a different color of curling ribbon for each child and until present opening time, they never know which presents are theirs. Tricky huh? Conrad sure made Christmas this year extra special and especially loved his basketball stand.

The girls had been spending a lot of 'sister time' together this past month and we both knew they were up to something. But what? We opened their gift and it was a quilted angel sampler and teddy bear pillow that surprised me immensely. So much so that I could not stop laughing... until I cried. It was the last thing I expected. They were so surprised. Their shocked, pretend-hurt looks made me rethink my laughing... maybe there was a possibility that they had created these treasures? (They ended up being thrift store decoys). The last present of the night, they covered our eyes and brought out their real gift... a memory quilt. It was the sweetest gift we have ever been given and was a complete labor of love as they embroidered their favorite memories of us. We will treasure it always and thank the Lord everyday that we are their parents :)


Becky said...

The quilt is absolutely beautiful. I'm in awe of the love your girls have for you...Yes, what a blessing to be their parents..and their aunt. You will treasure it dearly I know. Can't wait to see it up close. Thank you Brenda for the sharing of memories through blogging.

bulkleybunch said...

i want to come see!! how thoughtful and special, you've always known you've got amazing kids, now you have proof!!! :)

tina said...

scrapbooky and crafty family, what more could you want.. dont you just love the family memories