Thursday, December 25, 2008

Michigan Trip Surprise

When it came time to pick out a present for Kelsie, Larry & I knew the only gift she really wanted was a ticket to go to Michigan to see Josh and see first hand what his life is like there... So after talking & planning with Josh and his Dad, we went ahead and got the ticket for February. A direct flight will hopefully insure that she gets there safely... it is after all her first time traveling alone. Larry & I think it's way weird that we are ok with her going across the country to see a young man. Six months ago we would never have thought this to be a possibility, but we believe it will be a good experience for her as she begins to spread her wings. We know they will take good care of her :)

Click here for photos


bulkleybunch said...

nothing like a good love story! and this one comes with pictures! love you kels!

Becky said...

I love the look in Josh's eyes, (top left picture)...waiting for her reaction. You captured the moment.

joshsmom said...

Kelsie will have fun in Michigan with the other half of Joshua's family! Johua has a wonderful dad that will keep a very watchful eye over her. With his little sister as a chaperone!..Rebecca Hodson(Joshua's Mother)