Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving weekend is easily my favorite time of the year as our hearts turn more towards thankfulness. I came home early from work to music and the girls already cleaning the house to surprise us so we could go to the movies. How lucky can I be? I love my family. We cubed & dried the bread and sauted the onions & celery in butter and added all the other special ingredients. It's quite the process that seems to take all day, but it is my favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving Eve. A good stuffing deserves its own blog!
Tonight we are all going to the late show to see James Bond... cool.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for taking Muri to the movies - she said it was great. Have a great weekend.

Becky said...

Dressing is one of my favorite memories of Thanksgiving.I do love dressing...maybe it's the sage or that I only make it once a year or's the memories of family. Happy Thanksgiving to your family from ours.

Jessica said...

That looks delicious! yummm happy thanksgiving!