Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween River Float

Have you ever wondered why we do the things we do? I have just spent 1.5 hours in crazy cold water. For years I have been wanting to tube down Provo River in my Halloween costume. Not sure why... I just did. I managed to talk Ash, Kels, Josh & Lindsay into coming with me and sharing my dream. The fact that it started to rain and was 50 degrees just before we started only added to the anticipation of what was ahead of us. I could see them looking at one another wondering how I could possibly have talked them into this adventure. I feel so lucky to have family & friends ready to jump in and have fun in life... well what I consider fun.

The water was the lowest I have ever seen it and our bottoms hit every rock in it. Sometimes we had to crab-walk our way down. We laughed our way down the river. By the time we finished, my toes were cramping and going in all directions. Larry agreed to come, too smart to get in the water, but he did take pictures here and there for us. Thanks Larry! The fishermen we encountered along the way just stared... I tried to explain to one that the larger part of my bulkiness came from my life jacket & extra sweat pants... why do I do that? Let's face it... I looked disturbing.

I came home an ice cube and jumped into a hot bath that turned lukewarm instantly, then crawled into bed under a mound of blankets to get warm and watched back to back episodes of House with Kelsie. It took hours to get warm again and then the Trick or Treating fun began...

Kelsie 'Hula Girl', Ashlee 'Prom Date', Josh 'Tat',
Lindsay 'Lucy', Brenda 'SNL Pat' and Larry 'LDawg'

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Judi said...

Brenda, you totally crack me up!
I can not believe you went down Provo River in OCTOBER!!
Looks like you all had a blast though :0)

Catherine said...

I'm so glad to have a crazy friend. Loved the story and your photos. Good thing Larry stayed dry to preserve the memory...cause down the road, no one would believe you without the proof. *Ü*

Heather Buttars said...

You guys are crazy!! I love it!