Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Toast vs Toasted

What can I say about the lame bubble game? It's still alive and well at our house. While it's true Kelsie made toast of my once high score of 177, this morning I toasted her score when I hit 222. Unbelievable score I know and many are unbelievers as word of this great feat spread throughout the day (ok, I made up that last part) But truthfully, Larry was sitting right next to me and witnessed it himself, in awe I might add :)


Judi said...

Brenda, I still want to know what the bubble game is!?
I looked at your photos from OHS on your side bar and saw some VERY handsome ones of my big bro!!
I even recognized a few other faces and names! Thanks for the memories :0)

Birrell Family said...

Hi Judi
The bubble game is just a free downloadable game you can download on you Iphone. I think you can also do it on your computer. I'm not sure you can do it on other cell phones, but you might be able to. I love those Unified pictures too!

JoJo said...

Hey UHH bubble game I remember when we went down to swim and we all fought over Kelsies phone so we could play games!