Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Neil Diamond December 19

I could hardly concentrate at work today after I was told Neil Diamond was coming December 19th. Tickets start selling Oct 6th. I am more than giddy, except I'm not gonna lie... his Christmas songs are not my fav. The only person I even thought of calling was Ransom who may love him as much as me, but probably not, as I have loved him longer... my whole life. Last year on Neil's 66th Bday, Katie threw Ransom a Neil Diamond party... complete with sideburns, chest patch and slinky shirt. He was one lucky guy, except for maybe these pictures that are going public!

Katie & Ransom... her Neil for a night!


Heather Buttars said...

YAY for Neil Diamond! Our family loves him too...well all except Mom. ;) Thanks for the post, we'll have to look for tickets now!!

Carrie said...

I remember when Katie went and bought all that Neil Diamond stuff. How funny. You better go to his concert and better yet-- get on stage and sing/dance with him. I don't think Neil could die a happy man until that happens :)