Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday BBQ

Today Bonnie, Mike & Jose came over for dinner. It felt so good to have them over and we talked and laughed for hours (we missed Hayley, Sandy & Mindy, Moises & Mia). It has been way too long since we have gotten together and it felt good to get caught up on all the news...
Jose got to spend time with 'his girls' (his words for Lindsey & Katie), Ashlee made a disturbingly thin hamburger patty, Bonnie surprised me with cherry chocolate chip ice cream and Conrad is officially a walker.

The only time it was slightly quiet was when Bonnie told us the story of defrosting a frozen little pinkie (dead mouse) in the microwave for her snake and it exploded. It left a disturbing picture in our minds that we will not be so quick to forget. I will spare you the details. No one can tell a story like Bonnie and make us laugh so much. It was a good day.

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