Sunday, October 26, 2008

What would you do for $50?

In hind sight, I could have offered Lindsey $10. She would have grabbed at it. She is after all a hungry student. Yesterday she dropped by with new shoes from Target. I asked her if she would wear them to church with the elastic and price tag still attached for $50. Yes! she replied.
The rules?
Bring me proof on your camera
Elastic & price tag must remain attached

When she stopped by for dinner with pictures in hand, she was pleased as can be and seemingly $50 richer. Of course I noticed the price tag was not attached so we are working out a payout price of perhaps $35. We are still in negotiations. The thoughts of Lindsey taking little baby steps at church brings a smile to my face. I have a feeling there will be another day, another dollar in her future as I begin to test the limits of Lindsey.
- Brenda


Heather Buttars said...

So so funny. This post made me laugh. I would've loved seeing her at church making the baby steps...all for $50.00! P.S. I almost bought the same shoes at Target. Love them.

tina said...

HOw fun are you guys, even to come up with the idea is so funny.. Love your blog Brenda, you make me laugh. How do you do your little picture collage, (the ones that have a bunch together). do you do that before blog like in photoshop or somehow in the blog??