Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sidewalk Art

I came home to a colorful driveway today... and 5 happy, giggly girls. Abby and her friends do know how to have fun. Even Lindsey & Kelsie want to hang out with them. For reals. Hopefully their artwork will stay awhile but I think it's supposed to rain over the weekend. It was a pizza & Napolean Dynamite night for them.

I had to go to Costco this afternoon. Larry's the shopper, but he is at Scrapbook USA and I wanted to surprise him. This is a gift of absolute love from me and he knows it. I love life, but I hate shopping. It makes me itchy. I came out of Costco and could not find my car anywhere! After a lot of going up and down, I realized that Lindsey traded me cars... now I just had to find hers. Not easy. Then I had to go to Harmon's to get stuff for dinner on Sunday. I am not about to go on Saturday, I just wanted to get it done. I'm not understanding this liking Harmon's thing. Granted, they are more friendly and their store is clean, but I was still feeling itchy. I came home and got in my jammies and I feel much better... itchiness gone. I think I am allergic to shopping. If I could order everything online and have it show up on the porch, I would.

Orem High won their Football game tonight 40-28 Go Tigers!
Madi, Miranda, Abby, Melanie & Mikayla


Amy said...

What a fun family you are! It was fun to see the pictures and read about your latest happenings. We would love to add you to our friends. I haven't been blogging long, but I have had a great time catching up with everyone!

madi said...

i love love love hanging out at your house with abby. its thee most funn ever. and i love your pictures. i was wondering.. can you email me all of our pictures that you have? like thee ones from the weekends that you took of all of us?? if you could that would be sweet.

paul & ashlee said...

these girls are truly breathtaking! they are so darn pretty. i love them!