Monday, May 11, 2015

Odds and Ends

The warm weather is coming... Morris is buzzed!

Followed by Jack : )

Smile Phoebe

Love our Sunday walks after dinner

Wi Bowling

Jack and Lucy are cutting off Ransom's arm

Childhood friend Mike Mcintosh and wife Vicky

Abby likes to make sure that all of her pens are in good 
working order... something she likes to do quite often : )

Week three on Whole30 for Lindsey.  
She only lost three pounds

Game night at Lindsey's. When Abby and Ashlee fell asleep
with their heads on the table... we knew it was time to call it
a night. Nights like this are much needed... 
feels so good to laugh out loud!

The girls are finally going through old Brenda Birrell wood...

Just bought a Still this week to purify water...

Conrad came over to watch Godzilla with us... scary!

Phoebe's dance program through Orem City. She was so cute!!!

Nintenso 64... much loved by grandkids

Jack loving on the babies

Funny. How could I not take this picture? 

Loving on Ellie...

Clearing out the front of Pebbles for summer

 Jack is always at work at Pebbles

Happy First Anniversary to Kelsie and Josh... beard came 
off morning of day 365 of marriage

One last snack on Sunday night before kids go home... they love
their graham crackers!

Ping Pong with teams

Abby bought succulents for her bedroom window... so beautiful!

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Becky said...

I like all your odds and ends showing your family life. Wow, I would never have recognized Mike McIntosh. I had just finished 4th grade when we left CA, so we were pretty young. It is so good to see him and his lovely wife! I bet you had a wonderful time catching up on memories:)