Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another Yard Sale

We have been gathering for months and the piles were growing. Amazing what collects. What is unneeded. Larry and I gathered, along with the girls. The neighbors also pitched in and brought stuff over. We set up on Friday night and morning came quickly, starting our sale at 7am. Katie and the kids slept over because Ransom was out of town and she wouldn't have to wake them up early. Jack had his first official sleep over with his cousins. Conrad sold autograph pictures he drew for $1 each. The girls made orange rolls for breakfast too. Yum! We started out with a huge amount of stuff, sold a huge amount, then packed up the remaining huge amount to donate to DI (thrift store). It seemed like we had the same amount of stuff. How is that even possible? So happy to be a bit lighter afterwards...

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