Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ellie Arlene Hobbs

Ellie Arlene Hobbs came into this world September 29, 2014 at 6:29pm at Utah Valley Hospital. She was 7 lbs and 17.5" long and perfect. Lindsey and Tyler went to the hospital about 6:30am to be induced and the wait began. It was very slow going and Lindsey by about 5pm was still only a 3 and was pretty frustrated, ready to give up hope that she would ever get here. When the nurse checked her about 45 minutes later, she was a 10 and the baby had moved down and she was ready to come. Answered prayers. The relief on Lindsey's face was good to see. Three sets of pushes and Ellie Arlene Hobbs was born, surrounded by her Mom and Dad and those of us able to be there. What a miracle and joy she will be to her parents and big sister Lucy. Of course, we didn't know what her name was at the time... Olive, Brooklyn, Amelia were some of the choices, but Lindsey and Tyler could not agree on a name.  They wisely took her home and spent quiet time with her before naming her Ellie Arlene Hobbs. Tyler's Mom's name is Arlene and it also brings me comfort knowing my Mom's middle name is Arlene and I would think she would like that. A family name on both sides is pretty nice. It was a perfect day and we thank the Lord that everything went good and she is safely with us. Love is an amazing thing all wrapped up into such a tiny package.

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