Sunday, September 14, 2014

Time Off

Ashlee brought up supplies to make a healthy hot cocoa which we promptly spit out. Tin foil dinners, Roasted corn in the cob. When the sun went down, the temperature easily dropped 30 degrees. Cold and huddling by the fire. Reading. Discovered new hiking trails. Continuing our healthy whole food eating. Fishing by Ashlee's side. I walked extra fast so I could beat a group to our fishing spot. Yes! Snuggling in at bedtime and getting warm. Giving Jack crackers to feed the ducks and watching him eat most of them without sharing. Abby came up on Saturday with a good book. Paul loves a good s'more or two or three. The constant questions and chatter of Jack make me happy.  Sleeping on a double layer of foam pads was extra lovely. Card games inside the trailer this trip. Felt good to relax.

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Becky said...

Love that Jack. These pictures remind me of camping at Flaming Gorge, fishing and times around the fire. Can't believe how long Ashlee's hair is getting...she's so naturally beautiful and a good fisherwoman to boot! Our Abby and Larry are so similar and that's what I love about trips, everyone can relax and do their own thing. For sure you need to take me fishing when I come next.