Saturday, September 20, 2014

Everything Peaches

Ahhhh Peach time! We check the peaches each day and lightly squeeze them until they are perfect to pick. There really is nothing like the smell and taste of fresh peaches right off the tree... it's rather heavenly. Today we picked  some as a way to say thank you to our neighbors that lent us their dehydrators so I can dry a huge amount quickly. There are dehydrators everywhere. Even in the bathrooms. You know me... if one is good, a lot more is better. I make batch after batch.

 Conrad and Phoebe came along and helped fill bags with peaches and ran them to the doors while I drove through the neighborhood. The thrill of their day came when they could stick their heads out of the sun roof and feel the wind on their faces. Happy kids that brought a smile to everyone.

All dried and ready for snacking and storage

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