Friday, August 15, 2014

Bear Lake

We had such a great time at Bear Lake this summer, thanks to Jan and Carl who offered us a few days of their time share that they couldn't use. Those in the family who were able to quickly go came and we missed the others that needed to stay home (Larry, Kelsie and Tyler). Plenty of sunshine and water. I believe we could just stay there all summer. We rented wave runners for a couple of hours and other than that, just enjoyed the kayaks, floating and creating sandcastles and mermaids. It's the perfect place for kids and they had a ball. Conrad put on his goggles and didn't take his face out of the water the entire first day. Phoebe played non-stop with her Free Willy, Jack, Lucy and Morris happily played in the sand. My back was having problems so I mainly just relaxed in my 0-gravity chair and took pictures here and there. Eating out every night and snacking during the day. Fresh raspberry shakes. The short drive to Bloomington Lakes (but everyone said it was worth the trip). Lucy did get sick the last night and threw up all over Lindsey as she stood in line for a hamburger, I'll remember that probably forever, but she handled it so gracefully. Reading and just hanging out. It was perfect.

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Becky said...

Fantastic pictures of your trip! The kids are growing so much and love the closeup picture of Lucy. Ariel...I mean Abby, is quite the beautiful mermaid and so shapely. Great job girls! These pictures sure make me miss you guys. I love that Tyler went with you even though Kelsie couldn't be there. Looking good my dear sis and pray each day is better day...keep on walking. XXO