Sunday, July 20, 2014

Drive by Yard Selling

I watched Conrad, Phoebe and Morris on Saturday morning while Katie worked at Pebbles.  I packed the kids up and we went drive by yard selling. Kids were happy with their cereal in a baggy and I was happy making my way through the yard sales, hoping I would come across one that was worth stopping by for. When we were almost through, we drove by a park and Conrad's face lit up and said, A playground! Can we stop please and get our wiggles out? We did. The kids happily kicked their shoes off along the way, leaving a trail as they ran to the playground. We came home hot, sticky, empty handed and in a car scattered with dried cereal... I remind myself that it's the thrill of the hunt and we got ourselves a McDonald's ice cream cone on the way home : ) It was a good morning!

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