Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Yard Sale

It's been a busy month or so... much to catch up on this coming week in no particular order. The kids wanted to do a yard sale together so we all began to de-clutter and the piling up began. Where does it come from? The Hoyal's across the street planned their yard sale for Saturday, so we quickly got ready. I think it was by far the most successful yard sale we have had... it helped to have them at the same time and being one of the first of the season helped too. Katie worked at Pebbles in the morning. It was pretty chilly but I thought it felt good. Much better than the heat of a summer day that sucks your energy away. They divide up their earnings evenly and made plans of what to spend it on... Katie & Ransom started spending theirs on a used swing set for their back yard. Kelsie and Josh are going for a Farr's Fresh ice cream allowance for the summer, though at their rate, it may be gone by June. With help from Paul, we are killing our front lawn filled with orchard grass and uneven dips... it only added to the yard sale feel. I did quietly whisper for a customer to hear that I hoped Orem City would turn our water back on by Monday... I couldn't help myself : )

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