Saturday, May 17, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

Kelsie and Josh invited us to their place for our Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. We packed our lunches and rode our bikes over... it was a perfect sunny day. We still hunt the old fashion way... hard boiled eggs. Yep. No nice plastic eggs with candy for us. By the time the eggs pass through the hands of the grandkids, there isn't one unbroken egg to be found. This year they sat in a group and started picking at them and eating the insides, sometimes feeding them to each other. Kind of gross, but interesting at the same time. I was pondering for days after that we should maybe start an egg hunt with plastic eggs, but everyone seems fine keeping it simple and hardboiled. Then we played Ultimate Frisbee behind their house. We had a great time.  Thank you Kelsie and Josh!

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