Monday, April 14, 2014

My Birthday Brunch

I woke up at 4am on my 54th birthday. I have been reflecting a lot lately, but will save that for another time. I could tell that my being up was not what Ashlee was expecting when she got up about eight and finally Larry told me I should just go back to bed for a while. Phoebe woke me up with a 'Hello Grammie! Time to wake up for your birthday, you don't want to sleep this beautiful day away!'

I heard their voices before stepping into the kitchen. Everyone was there except for Kelsie & Josh who both worked all night. It was so beautiful! Mountain Man Casserole, French Toast and Caramel Muffins, Bacon, Fresh Fruits and Orange Juice. I felt like I was stepping into a warm hug and felt very loved... Larry, my daughters / sons and every bit of noise and chaos that each grandchild brings.  I feel so blessed beyond words and thank my Heavenly Father each day for each one of them. God is good.

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