Sunday, March 9, 2014

Celebrating Kelsie & Josh

Our family's part of the wedding was the reception. I love church receptions. Lots of room for visiting, more informal, close by and surrounded by the people we love. Kelsie picked out the colors and the planning began, asking Kelsie and Josh for their advice as we went along. Thank goodness for Pinterest so we could get a sense of their style. The flowers took my breath away every time I looked at them... we will give them to others and fill our home with them afterwards. Becky flew in Thursday night!

The past couple of months has been filled with trips to the thrift stores,  making lists, being surrounded by my girls who are so willing to help do anything (and they did). What I hoped we were able to give Kelsie and Josh was a gift of love. We had plenty of help and it all came together nicely. Our family is so very blessed. I am excited to see the pictures that Chelsea took on the night of the reception... more on that when they come.

The setting up begins!

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