Sunday, January 26, 2014

cha 2014

Memories of CHA:
Loving the time I get to spend with the people I work with. Sleeping with one of my BFF's, this year in matching pi's. Darcy fell and injured her knee in the booth, instacare & crutches... she was a trooper! I fell and rolled on my shoulder and twisted my ankle, we were quite the pair. Jim calling to drop off keys and our scramble to be presentable : ) Felt I spent half my time looking for tools during set up. Grateful that Ken, Jason and Sean flew in to help with set up and take down. I think Long Beach is the best little airport in America. Visiting with store owners. Bumping into old friends. Gathering catalogues to look through later for the store. Getting my picture taken with Rupert from Survivor... he was of course in the tie dye booth. Jen Hadfield came to introduce her new line coming out in June. Eating my See's Candy and white cheddar popcorn for snacks at night time, knowing I was going home to a new way of life. Picking up Winchell's in the morning. The tear down of the booths... it helps to laugh and enjoy this long time together... Starting the book, The Fault in our Stars. 

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