Sunday, November 17, 2013

salt lake trip

Larry thought a Salt Lake overnight trip with Kelsie and Abby before Josh comes home would be good. It was. Two nights. I love Marriott Hotels. Laying around and watching movies. Sleeping in. Time stops.

Doughnut stops to Bandbury Cross Doughnuts for vanilla cake strawberry glazed doughnuts with a sprinkle of coconut. The first day, they accidently put strawberry glazed doughnuts in our box. Not the same. Devastated. The complete disregard for my devastation by my family made it even more so. I had to wait another day.

Eating at Hires and Kelsie and Abby are staring at a young couple with kids. They had no life or energy for each other, just mechanically going through the motions. Their faces were blank.
Kelsie said, 'Is this is my future?' She vowed then and there that it will never happen. I think Abby never wants to have kids.

Wake me up, we have a lot of eating to do tomorrow :) We didn't. We had a nice brunch at Ruby's Diner and didn't eat the rest of the day.

I got the blog caught up and asked Larry if he ever read it. 'Maybe a month ago'. What was the last one you ever read? Idk. Maybe Easter? Easter?
Kelsie: He's trying to make up crap to make you happy

Elevator opens: Well wait. 'There's room'. We have baggage. Then I call into the distance, 'Are others here from the car yet?' I know Larry doesn't like to be crammed into an elevator with a bunch of strangers.

Going to Anthropology to look. Maybe they will have a plate? A plate of what?, asks Larry? It's the only thing we can afford in the store.

Ruths Diner. Rocky Mountain Hot cocoa. Taking home a doughnuts for Sunday dessert for everyone.  Good weather. Are you taking another picture? Kelsie is counting down every 10 minutes until Josh gets home. 

I come near Abby and she immediately tenses up and giggles... thinking a hug will be next. I love being with these two : )

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