Friday, October 25, 2013

... but she said she would always snuggle with me

Hmmm. People change through the years. Especially their growing up years. I remember when I would act like a tree when I would tuck them into bed and they would 'chop' me down and I would 'timber' on top of them as they giggled. Abby was a snuggler and she forever and always promised me that she would snuggle. Always is a very long time in teenage years. When I ask now, if she wants to snuggle and she looks beyond horrified, I remind of her promise from years ago. Mom, she tells me, I was little! I have learned to take my hugs from her every now and then. I snuggle, hug, kiss and tickle her and she looks around for her Dad or sisters to save her. She usually giggles at first, then it turns into a wrestle and sometimes a stomping downstairs... I have crossed the line once again. But it makes me happy and I think her too, depending on the day of course : )

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