Sunday, September 15, 2013

the storm of 2013

The dark clouds had been gathering throughout the day. Then the heavy black clouds rolled in like a heavy blanket. They were not your regular storm clouds, they were more like "God is mad" kind of clouds. As soon as the rain started to come down, the girls and I ran outside to play and get wet... lots of lightning brought us right back in. Then I saw Christa across the street trying to get in her chickens and I went to try and help, followed by Suzette's shouting as she stood all wet and muddy in a flooded window well, bailing out the water. Larry said we were doing okay at home, but when I got back, he and the girls were on the basement steps outside, bucketing up the water which went up to the door knob and coming in faster then they could bail. It was a crazy 40 minutes of solid downpour that we have never seen here in Orem. Flooding inside? Yes. Lost roof shingles? Yes. But it could have been much worse. Afterwards, neighbors were checking on neighbors and helping where they could and we feel pretty grateful to live here among them. 

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Becky said...

Sounds like a Tennessee rain! Wow, it really poured buckets. Heard about the rain on the news; it hit you and did lots of damage in Colorado too. Love the picture of the girls in the rain! Glad your business is okay.