Sunday, August 4, 2013

alaska family trip

It is amazing how we can look forward to a trip for months and in two blinks of an eye, we are back home. I got home from the CHA show in Vegas on Thursday night and left early the next morning. It has been a busy while with life filled with making creative samples and shopping internet sales for a few new clothes. I missed the kids before I even left, but Larry and I so need time together and we love spending time with his family. Feeling beyond grateful to be able to go on this trip and for his parents generosity and the blessing of this time together as a family. It was a bittersweet trip as we are all getting older and I pray for many more years ahead. I think it is a parents greatest wish for their kids to get along and love each other, not just when they are young, but though out their lives. To be there for each other through the challenges that life brings. I know that is my wish. There are so many things I admire about Betty and Joe, most especially their love of the Lord and of their family. We feel it. Our kids feel it. We are loved. We are blessed beyond measure.

Memories of the trip:
Seward. Hubbard Glacier.  Juneau. Skagway. Icy Strait Point. Ketchikan. Inside Passage. Vancouver to home. Always knowing that Carolyn knows what is going on and where we needed to be. There are no words or pictures that can capture the beauty and hugeness of Alaska. Grateful Larry's dad, Joe was able to come after rolling a golf cart on top of himself a month earlier. Very ornery woman at the airport. I kept mouthing 'I'm sorry'  and 'Good luck'  to her husband. From my first meal on the ship, I knew I would not be hungry until I came home and probably 10 lbs heavier too. I was. Walking around the ship and the beautiful views. Always keeping an eye out for whales. Alaska is huge. It's 10:30 and still light. It's 3 am and still light when we were in the northern part of Alaska. Strange going from busy busy to relaxed and full. Mendenhall Glacier. Fast, fast walk to quickly see Nugget Falls. Mount Robert's Tram Ride and nature hike. Bald eagles. Salmon run. Whale watching. Bought those cool rounded ULU knives for the girls. Breakfast with Joe in the dining room. Betty is not a breakfast eater. Dennis did not like his salmon and created a small commotion with employees as they wanted to make sure everything was 'excellent' for him. Dolphins. Glaciers. Unusually perfect and sunny weather with no rain until we landed in Vancouver. Our wonderful servers Vincy and Jamie. Sitting on the left side of the train for the best view. International Falls and Continental Divide. Going into Canada with Passports. Totem poles are  fascinating... story begins at the bottom. Furry jock straps in the store windows. Starfish. Come again? oh yes! Eagles nest. This much baggage for our group? There were a lot of older people on this ship. Canned salmon with crackers and cream cheese = perfection and a second, maybe third helping. Scott's hugs still surprise and delight me. Larry's Dad said he has too many people telling him what to do. Betty and Joe didn't want to slow anyone one down, but there was no place any of us wanted to be but with them. Taking things nice and slow was just perfect! Trading dinners tables throughout the week to take turns sitting by everyone. Reading on deck as we looked for whales.  Feeling winded as we climbed from level 2 to 10 and asking that dumb question 'what elevation are we on?'  Smashing my finger in the door jam.

Joe and Betty, Carolyn and Brent, Kathy and Mike, Larry and Brenda

Julie and Hal, Scott and Jill, Angie and Dennis, Kristen and Kevin


Hilary Frazier said...

How fun! That first picture of Skagway brought back a lot of memories... Alaska is beautiful and I miss it!

Becky said...

I'm so jealous. I would love to go to Alaska!! Scott and I looked at all your pictures and they're just breathtaking. We both would love to go one day. Besides all the beautiful scenery, I loved seeing you as a family with Betty and Joe. What an awesome opportunity and I'm so thrilled for you.
♫ North to Alaska... ♫