Sunday, July 7, 2013

personal shoppers

I don't even know where to begin. Larry's parents are treating their children and spouses to an Alaskan cruise. We are really thankful and excited and yes a bit overwhelmed because our current wardrobe fits into an apple box and is quite worn out. Not good. Much sale shopping on line is being done and they put our options into shopping carts, then they sit with us as we narrow down our choices. When it comes, we model and send 90% back (we are on a budget). 

It began with my brown skirt. The one I have worn every Sunday and to every funeral for 8 years. You probably all know this. I never pay attention to what people are wearing, let alone myself. In doing so, I never have to waste time figuring out what to wear... the choice is made and it's the brown skirt. There is freedom in this. Katie, Kelsie and Abby were helping me go through my clothes and suddenly my brown skirt was missing. Yep. They took it and I had a complete, snotty balling break down. I blamed it on the root canal I had that day. I was now forced to wear a new skirt. 

The hardest part of all of this is to be open for change and try to discover some kind of personal style... Kelsie and Abby don't believe I have one. I said no an awful lot. If I don't like it on a hanger or in a box, why would I like it on? But I am learning that sometimes I can be surprised.

Kelsie picked Larry out a new pair of black shoes. When he held them up to his old ones and was reconsidering, she firmly shook her head and said that will not happen... keep the new ones.

I think the breaking point for Kelsie was when I refused to buy the cute, but unsupportive shoes that she liked. For me, comfort will win every time. She quit and said the past weeks have been hell as she has tried to help her Dad and I step into the present. But, a few days later, Kelsie and Abby were all smiles as they laid out my outfits, made a list of holes that needed to be filled and took me shopping once again. Words can't begin to say how much I appreciate these two, sometimes patient daughters. I know it hasn't been easy to try and guide me :)


This is the try on stack... we left with only two pairs


Lisa Morris said...

Your clothing choices are lovely. Comfortable shoes are a must. Would like to have seen a pic of the brown skirt before it dematerialized! Hope everyone has a wonderful cruise.

miss ali said...

Lol, sorry about your skirt. Kelsie and Abby picked out some pretty things for you!

Becky said...

Totally understand how comfort comes first especially as we get older! However, I'm glad you're trying new styles Brenda...your new skirts look so bright and modern. Hang in there Kelsie and Abby:)