Sunday, June 2, 2013

rock canyon

We hiked up Rock Canyon on Saturday with those who could come. It has been years since coming and I forgot how much I loved this place. Conrad was in heaven in this rocky playground and was nearly uncontainable and wanted to climb everything and go on adventures. Ransom followed after him. I was so happy to get outdoors. Sometimes I feel I go to Pebbles and back home over and over again without looking up to see all that God has created. It is easy to get into routines where we stop feeling connected to life sometimes. Being outdoors brings it back to me. People were base jumping off cliffs and hand gliding down on the trails. The river bed was dry, so spring would be the best time to hike up this canyon and fall would be breathtaking with the fall colors. Kelsie made great panini sandwiches with turkey, pesto, swiss cheese and bacon. A dog slobbered in Phoebe's bag of chips.  She liked to lick the rocks and change their color. Jack is growing up and when Paul is near, that is his only 'go to' person unless of course we have something he wants to eat. I was happy that Conrad was wanting to discover and very willing to stop and rest. My vow to get into better shape is continuing with much encouragement from Larry and the girls. Becky and Charles will love this place.

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Becky said...

It's been years since I've been there! and yes, we'll have to put it on our list of things to do. Opens up another wonderful world passing down your love for the mountains to the grandkids. Your'e looking good Brenda♥ See you oh so soon!