Sunday, June 2, 2013

ohs 2013 graduation

Today we celebrated Abby's graduation from Orem High, class of 2013. It has been a bittersweet, yet joyful day. I am so very proud of the person Abby has grown into and look forward to watching her life unfold. She has a close relationship with the Lord and I know she will feel His guidance throughout her life, through the hard and sometimes uncertain times that are sure to come. It is a joy to be her Mom. I don't think either one of us will miss school mornings where I get on her nerves most days, probably from talking too much and asking too many questions. She said it best with her dry humor, that she likes when I am home, but I don't have to talk all the time :) Seldom a complainer,  I believe she took the same lunch of turkey sandwich, fruit, chips or cookie every year in high school and it wasn't until later in her senior year that she mentioned she would like a change... we changed it up quickly to a melted cheese sandwich. We love you Abby (and sometimes Crabby Abby if you are tired and hungry)!

Memories of the day:
Graduated with her cousin Austin. The graduation talks were really good. 'Seek to do good and happiness will run after you'. Plenty of pictures. Her sister's gathering around her. Her sweet smile as she walked through the O. Ashlee made a banner in school colors to decorate the porch. Lunch at Brick Oven with her Grandma and Grandpa (a tightly packed group) with hard to find parking places. Paul made her a beautiful dark walnut hope chest, that he has been working on for months. Her complete surprise and tears with his gift. Ashlee had made an ice cream cake, but last minute in the decorating process, the top slid off in a horrific way (her words) and she quickly picked one up at Baskin Robbins (we are hoping it still turns up at Sunday dinner). Abby will be going to the all nighter that they have at Orem High for the seniors tonight. A much needed nap time afterwards for everyone.

Abby 2013

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Becky said...

Congratulations Miss Abby, you did it! And somehow the years flew by. Love the blue color of your gown... it makes your eyes so blue. I think you're so beautiful and your smile radiates. Wow, a hope chest made by Paul♥ You will treasure that always. Can't wait to see his craftsmanship!