Sunday, June 2, 2013

conrad's preschool graduation

Conrad graduated from preschool and will now be going to kindergarten in the fall. He sure loved his teacher Sister Gilchrist and learning new things... he finds delight in just about everything and is filled with such life. When his teacher spotlighted him, she said that he is the one that looks to cheer people up and is a friend to all of them... always watching out for each one. His special friend is Abby and he sure thinks she is awfully cute. I believe she is his first love. Conrad fills me with joy!

Conrad and teacher sister Gilchrist 
Conrad and Abby, his first love

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Becky said...

Conrad looks so much like his Dad! Can hardly believe he'll be in kindergarten next year! God made a special heart for Conrad...a heart of love and I know you're so proud of the words spoken by his teacher. Can't wait to hug that little guy.