Thursday, April 4, 2013

easter sunday

With everything going on in life lately, it feel's like Easter snuck up on us... I missed it being in April. It was a lovely warm day we enjoyed together with Larry's Mom and Dad. Our numbers are growing and getting noisier, but they are happy (and sometimes not so happy) noises of family, grandkids and life. I love it. Larry didn't feel good this weekend. Kaeli Campbell's missionary farewell was on Sunday. I was invited to speak for 5 minutes in the third hour about the Atonement and God's Grace and the parable of the householder and the laborers. It was nice to keep it in mind all week. Speaking in public is not my gift, makes me nervous. I look around me and see God's loving hand in my life... from my many blessings to even my trials that have helped shaped me in ways that I could only imagine without actually going through them. Today my heart is filled with thankfulness, something I need to be better at carrying with me always. It really does change the way you see everything.


Becky said...

You got it right sister, you have so much to be thankful for...just look at the blessings overflowing with your family. Great pictures of everyone. I'm sure Betty and Joe enjoyed being with your family too. I bet you did well in church, especially if you spoke from your heart♥ The lord is risen indeed!

Becky said...

By the way, you look beautiful my dear sister! I'm loving your hair!