Saturday, March 9, 2013


We headed up to SLC for a quick trip to the Utah licensing department for Kelsie to hand in her forms and get finger printed. Her nursing graduation is coming up quickly in April and what an incredible and caring nurse she will be. It has taken a lot of hard work and I am so very proud of her :)

While up there we checked out Trader Joe's and went to Orson Giggi's to dream of kitchen supplies... I came home with my token affordable utensil. This time a potato smasher that the Pioneer Woman uses to make smashed baked potatoes and a package of Kale (Yes. Eating. Healthy. Again. Again. Again.)

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Becky said...

Another step closer to graduation. I'm so excited for you Kelsie. When do you take your state boards? Finger prints are required in TN also. Love seeing Lindsey and my little Lucy too..She's growing so fast. Love you all so much. PS. sounds like a store I'd love.