Wednesday, February 20, 2013

sometimes you have to take a stand

So I was summoned to go to court in Orem. Crazy I know. Ashlee came to be a support, but mostly to make sure I was nice. The end of November I received notice to take down our banner sign on our fence. I called the city and told them that I would not be taking it down until I found an alternative. After several of his attempts to tell me that wasn't an acceptable option, my reply of "have you nothing better to do with your time?" "This is such a wise spending of our tax dollars". He did not like my attitude. I told him he clearly had never run a business. Plus we were going into the holiday season, could it not wait until spring? The battle lines were drawn. 

The summons came. I went to court along with the DUI's and the domestic disturbance people, then the door opened and the shackled criminals inched their way into the court. Then they called my name and I was ready to fight with all of my carefully gathered information. I plead not guilty and I have to go back in March. Frustration.

Kelsie said that I should just pay the fine and remove my banner. I told her that if our country was built on people that gave up that easily, it would not be the great country it is now. Sometimes there are things worth fighting for, even if it is just a sign in front of my business, on a fence that I own.

Years ago when the Davis family lived in the home...


Karen Decker said...

Agreed! This country was built brick by brick by people who made a stand for what they believed and never gave up. So sad you have to fight the city. Aurgh!

Becky said...

I guess I'm missing something...If it's your fence what is the City of Orem saying that's wrong with the banner?