Wednesday, February 20, 2013

lindsey 30

This is the year our Lindsey turns 30 and we celebrated with one of her favorite dinners of Fajitas and a homemade chocolate cake made by Ashlee... maybe not quite happily, she  said more than her share of 'turning 30 ' comments this week. I am so thankful that her life has unfolded in such a beautiful way with Tyler and Lucy and Carter. God really has blessed her in incredible ways and we thank Him always that we get to be her parents. Happy Birthday Lindsey! We love you XOXO


Becky said...

You will love your thirties Lindsey! Happy Birthday sweetheart. My little Lucy is adorable and she's looking like her brother:) I love her blue eyes♥ Give her a big hug from Tennessee.

tyler + linds said...

i'm so glad to have spent the last 30 years as your daughter. they have been awesome. maybe by the time i am 40, i'll have more of my life together :) love you. and thank you for a great celebration!