Saturday, January 5, 2013

christmas day

Our Christmas season this year was nice and simple. Kelsie offered to be our personal shopper and did the majority of our shopping and did such a good job, we will consider hiring her for all of our shopping needs throughout the year :) Thank you Kelsie. This made room for plenty of quiet nights with Hallmark movies in December... I believe we watch them all more than once. 

It was a perfect white Christmas. Fondue dinner on Christmas Eve. Larry reading the Christmas story. Once Conrad and Phoebe put on their Hulk pjs, they turned into wild little Hulk monsters. I surprised the girls with handmade pin cushions with each of our favorite materials. Chalkboards with quotes. Slide show of our 2011 memories. Dinner with Larry's family. Talking to Becky and Nana. Larry loves his plaid flannel robe from the girls and I love my handmade potholders they each made me. The very best part of our day was just being together.

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Becky said...

Merry belated Christmas... I've waited for these pictures 10 days!! I can only imagine how busy you are my dear sister. Thanks for sharing your day through pictures. I miss you all the time, but it seems to hit harder during the holidays. I'f there were only a way to be in both places at the same time:) You are always in my heart♥ and I'm so proud of the awesome mother you are! We have so much to be thankful for...God is so good.