Sunday, November 11, 2012

halloween 2012

Halloween this year was unusually warm. Perfect weather. Warm soup. Yum. Conrad was a very strong Thor, Phoebe a very mighty (and fearsome Hulk), Jack a yummy orange MM and Lucy a sweet butterfly. Getting a picture of all of them together was quite tricky and finally I was just happy to get what I got. Our family is growing!  Conrad and Phoebe stayed out the latest and trick or treated from house to house. Occasionally, one of them would lay down and die on the sidewalk and the other would have to kiss them awake before they could move on. Many people commented how cute the little boy Hulk was... and she couldn't have been cuter :) 



Becky said...

All your grandchildren are adorable and each one is so different. I got a kick out of our little hulk..Phoebe is so quirky. Conrad is growing fast, and our little Jack looks so huggable. Even our Lucy got in the Halloween spirit. I see she's going to have blue eyes. I miss them crazy. Looks like you all had a wonderful night. Love your idea of everyone making soup:) Thank you!

miss ali said...

I love these pictures! And Phoebe is hilarious.