Sunday, November 11, 2012

election 2012

Heads up. My thoughts are not meant to offend any of you or stir up an argument. I know we all have different views. I respect that. These just happen to be my thoughts in no particular order. For me, I feel better at least writing it down for my posterity to know that this was the tipping point in our country and we were heart sick. I could not think at work on election day and came home early, got in my jammies and turned the news on, so sure that Romney / Ryan would win. Abby surprised me and made a Romney for president banner and hung it in the kitchen and we nervously waited. She stole my heart. They will be happy to have this election over.

Obama won the election. Once again we are left as a divided county. When I woke up, I felt nothing much has changed for our country. But everything has changed. My hope and belief in our country feels gone for now. My love for our country is more so. The liberal media has won. The landscape of our country is changing and I don't believe it will ever be the same.

After 18 months of waking up and going to bed to political news this is what I have learned: I learned that I am proud to have been a supporter of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. I find them to be good men of solid character. I would stand by them anywhere. I do not like Barack Obama. I do not trust him. I know his vision for America is not the one I have. I believe his goal is to weaken America. His dirty campaign, painting Romney as an out of touch, uncaring person, defining Mitt Romney. He divided people on all levels... by color, by class, the war on women, women's health, abortion, his constant scare tactics that so many believed in. So now we have a president that lied about Libya, is surrounded by dishonest people, is owned by the big unions and by his own admission struggled with math after 7th grade. Not good with a struggling economy. He has not presented a budget these past four years, has increased our national debt and promises to increase it far more these next four years, given his past record, has not reduced unemployment, more people on food stamps and are dependent on the government. We are no longer a people that asks what can we do for our country? More and more are asking what can my country do for me? We are becoming a country of takers. Obama care? It will be the downfall of our country. Photo ID was deemed illegal for voting. Why? It benefited Obama's campaign.  Common sense tells us that we need photo ID for banking, shopping, driving, living... everything. Voting for the leader of the world's most powerful country and we treat it so lightly by allowing voter fraud with no voter ID. Many people here illegally voted, yet many of the men and women in the armed forces that protect our freedoms could not. Again this benefited Obama. Half the people have bought into Obama and I wonder when will buyers remorse settle in? It will. I feel that half the people voted for the popular guy that told them what they wanted to hear (not the truth) and voted on the social issues that he ran on. He sure couldn't run on his record. Half our country put social issues ahead of our children's financial future, which is the foundation of a strong America. Romney had all the qualifications of getting our country on the right path with the economy, medicare and health care, the things I thought we all had in common, whatever the difference in our social interests. Hard changes need to be made. Now. Maybe he wasn't as articulate as Obama can be. Maybe people were nervous when he said we have a lot of work to do. I can't help believe the people in America just made a huge mistake.

I woke up the next morning and I was still so very sad. A big part of me will take what I learned and do better at working less and living more. I have learned that I can be devastated and greatly worried about our country but put my trust in God. His plan is unfolding and I will stand with God. There will be difficult experiences we are going to learn from in the upcoming years that will strengthen each of us.  The election will never dictate what we do or believe in within our families. I am constantly learning to let go of things out of my control. To turn off the TV and Radio more and just be... with my family and friends and try to do more of the little things that make the lives around me better. We have so very much to be grateful for. 


Becky said...

Yes, I was also very disappointed in our election. Our country is turning far away from its Godly Heritage that it was founded on. Our sermon today was on hope and change (Obama's theme when he ran four years ago), but the kind of hope our pastor talked about was the eternal hope found in our Lord Jesus Christ, I Peter 1:13, not hope in a man. I have faith and hope about our future because of God's promises. So, what should we do? In Col 3:2 it says we should set our mind on things above and not on things of the earth. When our hope is fixed on God, we have peace no matter what the storm...or whoever is president. Our families are so blessed to have this hope. It's my prayer that all would come to know the hope that is only found in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Birrell Family said...

Good thoughts Becky. You are my hero XXOXO

The Ashtons said...

Your words express exactly the way I feel, every single one of them. I was heartbroken. It seemed like a bad dream, well actually, a horrific nightmare. I'm going to forward on to you this email that a sister in my ward sent me that made me feel better. But I am very nervous about what the next four years will bring to America.
Love you, Brenda!

Birrell Family said...

Please do Annie. I am ready to dig in and try to make a difference :) Love you!

Decker Family said...

You so eloquently expressed my thoughts and feelings regarding the state of the country and sadness felt at it's decline. I have resolved to be more faithful to my God, more kind to those around me, and to speak of truths more frequently, and to hopefully have a more positive enfluence in my family, my neighborhood, my country and the world. Thank you for having the courage to share your thoughts.