Sunday, October 21, 2012

first pie of the season

When Ashlee said that she was going to make a homemade pumpkin pie, her words hadn't even had time to settle in before I was asking for one too. Saturday late morning, there was a knock on the side door and there was our Ashlee with a pumpkin pie hidden behind her, freshly baked and warm. A few hours later, it was room temperature and had little beads of sweat... so perfect for eating, a slice here and there throughout the weekend. I believe I nearly ate the whole thing myself. This time, she added little acorns to her leaves on the crust. As beautiful as it is yummy!

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Becky said...

A picture perfect picture which could be in a magazine. Ashlee makes the best pies so I know you must have been in heaven♥ Have a pumpkin pie slice on me...I'm happy just looking at the picture (though I would love to smell it!) Ashlee, you out did yourself.