Sunday, September 16, 2012

conrad one year later

It was a year ago on September 6, 2012... when Conrad nearly drowned. Katie was over at our place when she got the phone call that the ambulance had taken Conrad to the hospital. I ran Katie down immediately to be with him and Ransom. The rest of the family quickly followed. Our world stopped. Larry gave Conrad a blessing. I stood by the door and noticed the hospital workers nearby either worked more quietly or when able, folded their arms and stopped for a moment. I saw and felt the true power of prayer as we desperately prayed. I'll never forget it. Paul and Ashlee took a screaming Phoebe home and Conrad was taken up to Primary Children's Hospital. And we continued to pray. There was nothing else we could do and yet, it was everything we could do. I will forever be grateful for our answered prayers. When I am with Conrad, my heart is filled with joy. 

Katie and Ransom plan on doing something special on this date every year to give back and show their gratitude. This year they met the life guard who saved his life at the Provo Pool. He drew her a picture, gave her a hug and I believe he wants to marry her now :) I would imagine it helped her feel better too.


September 6, 2011


Kangus said...

I know that lifeguard! She was in Sister Smith's cooking class last year and was one of my lab partners. What a sweetheart.

Kangus said...

I know that lifeguard! She was one of my lab partners in Sister Smith's cooking class last year. What a sweetheart.

Becky said...

What a great way to say thank you...she will always remember Conrad. I know the Lord put her in the right place at the right time to save our Conrad! God is so good!