Saturday, August 18, 2012

jack. jax. mason.

It was so good to have Amy drop by with Jax and Mason (yes identical twins). Ashlee added Jack and we had a pile of growing boys... born within a month of each other. Just wait 'til they are on the move :)

Work has never been the same for me since Amy left Pebbles when her twins were born. I miss her. A lot. We could talk about everything at the same time and somehow keep up with it all... though occasionally I could confuse her. I don't think anyone talks more than me except Amy. True. I miss hearing the stories of her nieces and nephews, her home and craft projects, life with Jace and just her basic good attitude about life and the way she tells stories. Of course, I am still grateful she does work for me from home here and there when she is able. Thanks Amy!

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jenny said...

They're all so cute and getting so big! I miss the pebbles crew. Hope all is well!