Monday, August 27, 2012

bear lake 2012

Favorite memories of our trip:
A race to say "I see it" is always the first word when we turn the corner and see the most beautiful color of blue in all of Utah. Spending the first day and night with Paul, Ashlee, Jack and Kelsie before everyone came up the next day. The pizza place Ashlee was longing for closed early, so we had Mexican. Reserving a no hookup area would be my oversight. Kelsie sick with a cold = many naps. I hurt her feelings when I said I didn't want to get her germs, so she wouldn't sleep with me no matter how much I fake cried. I gave Ashlee an ordinary peanut MM instead of the most desired almond MM from the trail mix (She could tell by the shape I was not being a truth teller). Kelsie's sweet and mustard flavored trail mix. Paul and Ashlee taught Kelsie and I how to play Cribbage. Barking dogs non-stop. Windy first day. I believe Conrad is a fish. Phoebe's screaming at 6am. Ransom cut off the tip of his toe when he long jumped with Tyler and super glued it shut. Catching the frog. Ransom trying to catch the school of baby black catfish with his red bucket contraption. Rock skipping competition. Paul sprained his ankle twice. Tin foil dinners every night = no clean up. Conrad having fun tending the fire each night with his long stick. Conrad singing Neil Diamond's "Forever in Blue Jeans" non stop! A shake run every night. Phoebe and Conrad loving Jack. Abby broke her glasses, Larry super glued them together. Ashlee building her hospital of sand with helipad. Abby building her Sand lake with round about. Renting a boat for the day and realizing that the seven person boat we rented actually had the power of a 3 person boat. Wake boarding. Tyler's hurt hand. Tubing. Realizing that the beaches are no longer groomed, that it is getting crowded with more campsites and it is pretty noisy with a lot of people and dogs (picnic camping we call it). To me, some of the magic of Bear Lake is gone. For our family, it's the memories of past trips with friends and family. I know we will be back, but probably just not every year anymore. We may head to Flaming Gorge next year... less crowded, river running, great fishing, water is still good for swimming. I do know that wherever we go, as long as we are together, I am happy :)

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Becky said...

Thank you for the pictures best thing to being there! Bear Lake still looks the same and yes, the water is so clear. I liked your description of your memories and can picture everyone. I sure love you all and miss you♥